Let’s Get This Show On The Road

I have really been struggling lately with some ethical dilemmas at my day job. In short, I am a social worker and it’s not unusual for our workplaces to let us down or disappoint us. Recently, my workplace has really taken a nose dive. I usually pride myself on keeping healthy boundaries between work and my personal life but lately, it’s all sort of spilled over and it really feels like it’s time for me to move on. It’s bittersweet. When I started at this agency, I really envisioned myself staying there for longer than I have. Even so, I feel refreshed in that I have seminary to look forward to, and from there, I can keep trying to better my community and help others. 

As previously mentioned, I got a few emails from folks across the country and world who are interested in being featured on this blog! That’s so exciting to me! Unfortunately, because of the work stress lately, I am just now finally getting to reply to them. I will be sending them a message inviting them to see the blog and my next post will actually be a post of the typical types of questions I will be asking in my conversations with them as I get to know them. THEN, I hope to turn this blog into nearly 95% features of really incredible LGBTQ+ folks (and their allies). I am so excited and so blessed to be able to do this. God is good. Every day. 

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