Start with a Survey, Shall We?

So, it’s tricky riding the wave of an exciting, new idea. Before I get too ahead of myself with the idea that tons of little gay Christians want to share very personal stuff with me on this blog – I thought I would make a quick survey and see what kind of data I can pull back in. 

So, I made a 10 question survey on Survey Monkey and posted the link on my personal Facebook and also on an LGBTQ+ Christian Subreddit. 

As of this publish date/time, here is a summary of the data:

27 people took the survey.
48% grew up in the Bible Belt.
66% of respondents are non-straight, on queer spectrum.
75% men (gender identity being transman or cisgender male)
93% white.
78% currently a practicing Christian.
51% were Christian prior. 
33% said it was/is/can be difficult to practice their spiritual or religion traditions because of aspects of their identity, relating to gender or sexuality. 


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